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Websites promote you 24/7, and sit at the core of every online marketing strategy.

Through our custom design and development packages, we create websites that both attract and delight visitors through the implementation of proven online marketing and design concepts including site usability, content organization, search engine optimization, and reliability. With these concepts in action, your site will naturally attract visitors and keep them coming back.

Get the Full Package With Our Web Design Solutions

Logoic Beautiful Website Design

Attractive Design

Your website will boast an elegant, modern design, with an emphasis on simplicity, organization, and ease-of-use.

Logoic websites work on mobile, tablet and Desktop

Works on every device

Your website will feature natural navigation and functionality that works on all devices, from desktop monitors to tablets and mobile phones.

Logoic creates websites on Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify

Easy to Update

You'll be able to easily maintain pages and update content using today's most popular content management systems.

Logoic provides powerful analytics

Powerful Analytics

You'll have the ability to continually monitor your site’s visitors, how they reached the site, how many pages they viewed, and more.

Additional features included in every website:

Search engine optimized
Highest web standards
Clean URLs
Ability to sell products
Social media integration
Newsletters and mailing lists
Reduced load times
Powerful infrastructure
Launch handled for you

We Build Websites on Today's Most Powerful Platforms

After discussing your needs and budget, we'll help you determine which platform is best for you and your business.

Logoic builds websites on Squarespace.


Looking for a smaller-scale website that provides basic information about your business? Or maybe you're looking to sell a few products online? If so, Squarespace is the way to go. It's great for smaller budgets too.

Logoic builds websites on Wordpress.


If you're in need of a more robust and feature-full web publishing platform, Wordpress is a great option. It supports a fully customizable design and administration area, multiple user roles, and advanced functionality and features.

Logoic builds websites on Shopify.


If your focus is on building and growing an online store, Shopify is an excellent choice. They offer an advanced infrastructure to help you build your business, plus advanced tools and apps to support you as your business grows.

Built on Wordpress

Avery Galleries

Avery Galleries was looking for a website re-design and updated backend management on Wordpress. We added a sophisticated new look to their site, complemented with a fully customized administration area that allows for simplified data management.

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Avery Galleries built by Logoic

Built on Wordpress

Blush Salon

Blush Salon came to us looking for a fresh new website design. We created a contemporary look that their salon and clients fell in love with, while incorporating a menu of services, contact forms, and review and social media integration.

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Blush Salon built by Logoic.

Built on Wordpress

We’re All Alright Tour

Relica Music Group was in need of a fun and quirky website design to promote their upcoming cross-country tour. In just three days, we created a custom one-page design to match their 70’s-style tour branding. We combined this with a custom backend administration area to allow for easy schedule management and updates.

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We're All Alright tour website design and development by Logoic

Built on Wordpress


Beauty blogger Jessoshii was looking for a clean and contemporary website design with easy backend management for her blog. We designed and developed her site on Wordpress, adding custom features and styles to fit her needs. SEO tools were also added to help her attain first page rankings for her articles.

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Blogger website design and development by Logoic

Built on Squarespace

General Jacocks House

The owner of General Jacocks House needed a simple four page website to provide basic information about their rental opportunities. In three days, we created an elegantly designed site on Squarespace, with an attractive content layout, contact form, and optimized images for faster page speeds.

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General Jacocks House built by Logoic.

Built on Wordpress

Lauren Acton

Philadelphia artist Lauren Acton was looking for a personalized website to showcase her artwork, exhibits, and resume. We designed and developed a fully customized website on Wordpress that features a simple, modern design to highlight her work, and an initiative administration area for easy artwork management and page updates.

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Philadephia artist website design and development by Logoic

Built on Wordpress

Relica Music Group

Relica Music Group needed a website to showcase their talent and musical content. We gathered their content and organized it into custom gallery pages, complemented with a custom administration area for easy updates using Wordpress.

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Relica Music Group website built by Logoic.

Built on Squarespace

Christopher Brooks

Christopher was looking for a website to showcase his latest work and upcoming events. In just three days, we created a website using Squarespace and incorporated a music player, show dates, and a shopping cart for easy purchase of his albums.

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Christopher Brooks built by Logoic.

We're with you every step of the way.

Logoic web specialist discuss your project within 24 hours.

Within 24 hours of signing up, you'll be contacted by one of our Website specialists to discuss your website needs.

Logoic will then start building your website.

After gathering all of the content for your site, we'll create a basic front-end design and explore different stylistic approaches.

Once you approve the design, we'll start development.

Once you've approved a front-end design, we'll finish coding your website, and then move on to testing.

Logoic will set up your server and launch.

Finally, we'll setup the server that will host your website, migrate your site and then launch!

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Whether you have inquiries about our services, or are ready to get started on a project, we're here to help.

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